The Process of Building Corporate Credit Yourself

Building corporate credit is not something you can do by yourself without some help.

You need some assistance and you will be mesmerized at how fast you can have corporate credit in a shorter period. To do this, there are certain things you must avoid and many other essential you cannot afford to overlook. This article guides you through the process of building corporate credit by yourself.

If you are looking forward to establishing you business credit, it starts by laying the groundwork

That includes following the application process to the later as well as performing your due diligence. Ensure that your business is ready for the credit building process because if you begin without performing your diligence you may be forced to start it all over again. This may happen when you are in the middle of the process or you may get a bad credit report from reporting agencies.

You should search your business name and investigate whether any business using the same name has a bad credit or not.This can be done by using advanced search and query Dunn & Bradstreet national data base. If a company with a similar name in another state has a high risk credit history, you may be forced to overcome this when your company name is searched. However, if you establish that your business name is unique, you are free to continue with the process of building your credit profile. If a company with the same name is found to exist, you must amend your company’s records before you start the process.

The next thing you must do is to check your entity name with all registered entities nationwide.

The state’s commission office or Secretary Office can give you this information. Alternatively, you may check for it online using any of the provided tools. This will help you establish whether there is any other registered business using the same name in another state.

If all is well, you need to register your company name as a domain. Although it is not a must for your domain name to include your corporate identity, it is advisable that you use the name to enable you built a corporate credit in your company’s name.

The next thing you must do is to ensure that your business is listed in the Superpagees business directory. You should do this by creating an account that should be added to your business directory. If your business name already exists in the directory, ensure that you update the provided information and remember to include your current address.

Note that you must do is to obtain your D-U-N-S™ from D&B. this can be done by either getting free service from D&B or you can have your number assigned once you pay a fee that may range between $299 to $799 .

It is important to note that the process of building your corporate credit may take several months. So you must give yourself enough time to enable you achieve your objective. Remember to pay for D&B services so that your account is activated